Study possibilities

Bachelor study

Information and Network Technologies

Practically oriented study program focused on the latest technologies. It will allow you to become a specialist in information and network technology. As part of your studies, you will gain knowledge and skills from many IT areas. For example, architectures of computer systems, wired and wireless networks, security of computer communication, principles and management of operating systems, introduction to virtualization solutions and Cloud Computing, general and special programming techniques. The program includes well-known practical courses in educational programs of companies such as NetAcad by Cisco Systems (networks, security), or Fortinet Security Academy (security).

Engineering study

Applied Network Engineering

Come to us and study in depth advanced information and communication technologies and computer networks. You will gain knowledge and skills about technologies of Internet Service Providers, enterprise networks, security or network programming. Moreover, you will learn how to better administer operating systems, clouds, their automation and orchestration, and much more.

A lot of the subjects are in line with current certification tracks. It is possible to verify gained knowledge by obtaining industry valued certificates in our official testing centre Pearson Vue.

Postgraduate study

Applied Informatics

The last, third grade of University studies in duration of 3 years, which prepares students for scientific work and helps to gaint deeper knowledge of chosen topic.

The doctoral study is intended for those who are interested in creative scientific activity, individual or team work in solving various professional problems in various areas. The candidate should be able to take a creative approach to solving basic or applied research tasks that advance knowledge in the field.


Commercial Courses

The department offers commercial courses mainly for applicants outside of university. The courses are tailor-made and contains topics from the area of networks and security. The other courses are based on education programmes offered by several partners (Cisco Networking Academy CCNA/CCNP, Juniper Networks Academy Alliance, Fortinet Security Academy).

Courses of the official educational programmes coresponds to current certification tracks. It is possible to verify gained knowledge by obtaining industry valued certificates in our official testing centre Pearson Vue.

Our team


NFP313010S242, Creation of an equipment for automatic and manual collection of information assets and their subsequent evaluation using the Monte Carlo method

Project leader:

Unassigned project leader

Increasing the security of communication network infrastructure

At present, we can observe a massive digital transformation of communication infrastructures and internal or external services of organizations from various fields of technology and industry into cloud environments, not excluding the management of these systems. However, implementing these modern solutions while achieving the expected level of quality and availability brings many new challenges in […]

KEGA – 026TUKE-4/2021 – Methodical and content innovation of teaching selected subjects in the field of information and communication technologies with an orientation for the needs of practice based on the use of modern video conferencing and collaboration tools

The aim of the project is a methodological and content innovation of teaching ICT subjects at three universities, which are focused on the area of ​​computer networks with specific attention to the integration of modern video conferencing and collaborative tools. The project responds to the requirement of practice and employers that graduates of technical universities […]

Project leader:

Mgr. Jana Uramová, PhD.

KEGA – 051ŽU-4/2021 – Technologies of private cloud environments in higher education

We can say that there is another historical breakthrough, which will significantly affect the area of ​​use and deployment of IT in private and public sector. This is characterized by an increase in the use of virtualization and its extensions, which include Cloud computing (CC). Many companies are now completely moving their own server infrastructure […]

Security audit of cyber security of ŽT, a.s.

Description Expert opinion. Date from / to: 1.5.2020 / 21.10.2020

Project leader:

prof. Ing. Tomáš Loveček, PhD.

NFP313010W988 – Research in the SANET network and possibilities of its further use and development







ECDl cert test center


Peter Palúch

CCIE Exam Program Manager, Cisco, Brusel

Ján Janovic

Datacenter Networking Team Leader, Alef 0, Praha

Michal Srnec

Head of Security, VUB, Bratislava

Milan Frátrik

Senior Software Developer, Pantheon

Michal Bruncko

Network solution architect, Dxc, Engagement at AT&T

Daniel Rajčan

Cloud architect, Davinci software / Ohpen

Mária Ducká

Global UC Automation Lead and Network Voice/UC Operations Specialist , MSD Czech Republic

Tomáš Kozoň

Senior Network Engineer, Orange Business Services

Tomáš Barčiak

Senior System voice specialist, CSOB

Martin Pajdič

CRIS team leader, SSD

Peter Handlovsky

Technical specialist, X-Net